Monday, June 13, 2011

Polly (Lyford) and Abraham Cass - burial

Here is a photo of the grave marker of my 4th great grandparents, Polly (Lyford) and Abraham Cass at the Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

The marker is shared with Direxia (Cass) and husband, Hiram Turner.   Direxia was the daughter of Polly and Abraham Cass.    More photos and information of Direxia and Hiram can be found here and here.

I do not know when or where Polly was born but she died August 31, 1859.   The marker is difficult  to read and appears to state she was 83 at the time of her death, which would place her birth sometime between September 1, 1775 and August 30, 1776.  I will post more about the possible date and location of Polly's birth tomorrow.   

Another website also indicates* Polly was 83 at the time of her death.  I do not know when the entry was made, but it's possible the contributor was able to read the marker before it became illegible.  

Here is an additional marker for Polly with just her name.

Here are two photos of the additional marker for Abraham.

Abraham was born in Epsom, Merrimack County, New Hampshire on October 5, 1779.   He died in Oakland, Jefferson County, Wisconsin on October 10, 1863.   I have seen family trees online without supporting documentation that indicate he died December 15, 1863 .   The grave marker appears to indicate it was October 10, 1863 and not the December date.

*However, the same website lists Abraham as having been 88 at the time of his death, but he would have been 84.

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