Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dudley Lyford Cass - birth

After reviewing US census documents for Horace Cass, the younger brother of my 3rd great grandfather, Dudley Lyford Cass, I've come to the conclusion that Dudley was born in Stanstead county, Quebec Province, Canada.       Dudley's seven older siblings were also born in Stanstead county.

This resolves the discrepancies in the US census records that had listed his birthplace as either Canada, New Hampshire or Vermont.   The only accurate census was from 1850.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dudley Cass - obituary

Here is another obituary* of my 3rd great grandfather, Dudley Lyford Cass.

The obituary states Dudley was a native of Manchester, New York, though this is most likely an error.    It's possible he had lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, about 20 miles northeast of Epsom, New Hampshire where many of our ancestors had lived.

More likely, Dudley was born in Cassville, Stanstead county, Quebec province, Canada as his grandfather Simon Cass had passed away there four years earlier on June 22, 1819.

Another correction, Dudley and my 3rd great grandmother, Hannah (Birge) were married in Astabula county, Ohio on October 14, 1847, not 1843.

Dudley most likely moved to the territory of Wisconsin in 1848 shortly after his marriage to Hannah.    Wisconsin became a state on May 29, 1848 not long after Dudley and Hannah as well as Dudley's father, Abraham and wife Molly 'Polly' (Lyford) Cass had moved from Ohio.

*From the June 8, 1905 edition of the Jefferson City Newspaper.