Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wisconsin Land Purchases - Dudley Cass & Abraham Cass

Here is a Wisconsin Land Purchase of 80 acres dated March 1, 1848 for my 4th great grandfather, Abraham Cass who was living in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Here is another land record purchase for Abraham's son, Dudley Cass, my 3rd great grandfather.   This document is also dated March 1, 1848.   40 acres were purchased.

Dudley purchased a second plot of 40 acres six months later on September 1, 1848, also in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Based upon these documents I am able to narrow down the dates the families of Abraham and Dudley moved from Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio to Jefferson County Wisconsin.    They apparently moved sometime after the marriage between Hannah (Birge) and Dudley Cass in 1847 and March 1, 1848 when the land was purchased.

All three parcels of land were located at the Meridian marked 4th PM-1831 MN/WI, township 6-N, range 13-E and Section 2 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Here is a plat map of the properties, which are located in the upper right hand corner marked "Sec 2".

Based upon this plat map, I was able to pinpoint that the properties that the Cass family owned were approximately 9 miles northwest of Fort Atkinson.  The town or village of Oakland is just a couple of miles southwest of where Section 2 is located on the map.

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